How to create free business email

In this tutorial we will create free business email address like [email protected] and also you can send and receive all the mail from your customers or users. Using free and common email accounts like Gmail and Hotmail is not recommended for business use. The reason is, you can’t use your business website domain with these free email accounts.

Create Business email address

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account, and go to your My Product.

Godadyy dashboard

Step 2: After that click on Manage under the Web Hosting section

Godaddy Manage Page

Step 3: Go to cPanel Admin

Godaddy cPanel Admin

Step 4: Under the cPanel Dashboard click on Email Accounts

Godaddy Email Account

Step 5: Once open the with you need to click on Create.

Create new email account in Godaddy

Step 6: Now select your domain and write username. For example mail is your username and is your domain. ([email protected])

create an email for your business
Setup email password in godaddy

Once you click on Create button then your Email account has created. You can access this email with this link (Your_domain_name/webmail)

You can login with your email address and password which you have created.

Open email inbox

Click on Open and checked checkbox so next time your mail inbox with open directly as below.

Email inbox

Now you can send/receive an email by using [email protected]

Send new mail

Here you can see receive an email on my gmail account so can use this email for your business.

Receive mail on gmail account

So this is how this whole email process will work. If you have any query or any questions then please write comments. Thank you!!

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