Google top 5 features which you still unknown

Everyone are using Google on daily basis but you don’t know or don’t aware with so many upcoming features and functionality which is provided by Google.

google new features

1) Immersive view coming soon to Maps

Google I/O, they announced new ways the latest advancements in AI are transforming Google Maps — helping you explore with an all-new immersive view of the world, find the most fuel-efficient route, and use the magic of Live View in your favorite third-party apps.

Immersive view lets you explore and understand the vibe of a place before you go

2) Google Wallet

It’s not a wallet. It’s Google Wallet.


Google Wallet gives you fast, secure access to your everyday essentials. Tap to pay everywhere Google Pay is accepted, board a flight, go to a movie, and more – all with just your phone. Keep everything protected in one place, no matter where you go.

Google Wallet App

3) Eco-friendly routing on your Google Maps app

Google announcing three new Google Maps updates to help lower these emissions and provide people with greener choices when getting from A to B..

Important: These features are only available in select countries.

With eco-friendly routing, Google Maps will show you the fastest route and the one that’s most fuel-efficient

4) Skin Tone Equity

At its I/O 2022 conference, Google introduced a tool it intends to use to improve color equity through representation.

skin ton

5) Automatic summarization Google docs

Google is making it easy to catch up on long documents with a new auto summarization feature, which will soon be available on Google Docs. It relies on machine learning to break down the key points in a file and generate a readable briefing.

 Automatic summarization Google docs

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